Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happiness is subjective experience

Happiness is subjective experience. You think when Jesus was crucified he was happy, no way. He must have had a hard time, the complete physical torture would have screwed his happiness. And you think when I stare the darkness alone in the black night, for few moment I even forget to breath and I totally loose the idea of what happens to my body, trust me that experience is not happy. But being happy is not the final thing it is simply overrated by fraud people. And somehow I am peaceful by being not happy :)

Bliss is a state which alters the observation of any experience.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Missing someone

Missing someone brings the state of helplessness, a misery, an isolation. It creates a very intense thirst for which we can plan to fight till death to achieve it. But the glory of missing someone lies in the intensity of thirst because out of that thirst there is an originating vision which creates a difference of observation of a visionary and ordinary. You may be willing to follow the path of what heart says which will be internally negotiated by misery of  emotional emptiness. And you may choose to observe the deeper essence of misery to see the emptiness within your naked soul, and that leads to and eternal knowledge of knowing the nature of inevitability and know the true destiny of self. May this emptiness never dies. 

Ameen !!!! 

Saturday, January 05, 2013


Flying is a freedom but It is not like just another dimension of ability and freedom. It gives inevitable ability to change the static energy of self associated with Earth. Many a time we really get stuck with the inertia of Earth and we feel that we are incapable of changing the situation. But if you know the art of flying no such inertia will be able to stop you. You can say 1,2,3 zooooo and fly and fly and fly, you can have tea in a different city with different people and still not feeling good, again fly and sleep in a different city. The vibration of Earth will have no impact on you without using any kind of functional decision, you can do it as like breath, instinct or reflex. It is very different type of freedom. Amazing....