Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Man with an Ox and Baja

In the early morning (It was 10AM, Fine! It was not so early) I was checking my server stats. and I hear a music of some organ pipe pooooo poo pooooooo... and music elongates for a while, somehow it was very pleasing. After the music stops, I rush to my terrace to check the source of music and I spend 10-15 minutes to observe the source and listened more music.

It was an urban poor man and in his company there was a colorful ox, very well dressed, topped with some metallic Jewelery. Both (man and the ox) were going to every door step, Man was carrying a "long Baja" and bajaoing in front of every house in the expectation of getting some money. But he went almost 5-6 doors in that 10 minute and no body came out and really no body gave him anything. Still I didn't find any kind of grumbling or complain, he was peaceful and he was moving to another door step.

First thought, I wanted to thank my boss for giving me Job and Salary.

Second thought, Is this a begging? No. earning money and wealth is very important but not so fundamental vision of life. The more important thing is to learn, not just earn. He was an artist and we should respect an artist who is devoting his timein art not just in making money.

PS : The image is not the real photo, its just a symbol to tell you the story.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Darkness is beautiful

Darkness is beautiful. 

It has the ability to make things invisible without any destruction. I am not denying the fact that invisibility and existence are not just measured by senses, they should be understood as experience. But darkness create a beautiful opportunity of training the self that it does not exist. It envelopes almost everything, it envelopes like a black hole, it becomes like everything is a black fluid and nothing holds in your hand, even your hand is not yours, and your legs, and your mind, and your emotions.... and there a point comes that everything is just darkness, even the self. 

Darkness is beautiful :)

I am the freak

Sometime, when I look through my dark visions, I suspect the authenticity of my desires, my creativity, even my emptiness... It all doesn't belong to me, I have just tagged them. Why not live naked sometime, why not live with salt on wound, why not just leave the surface of misery open...I know I am the freak, the jackass and the mad soul.