Sunday, July 28, 2013

Difference in Love and Idea of Love

I have seen this kind of stories many times in my life and definitely it took a little time to understand the facts and reality of these stories.

Let me tell you a little story, there was a guy and a girl who used to like each other. I just want a special mention here that liking each other may not be in physical terms, reality is our mental interpretation and if mentally you feel connected means, it is a relation, whether they are in same city or far distant, both are relation. They had so many things in common to understand, interpret and respond to each other. There was a a very good silent communication between them, which was untold but it was well understood. As light dispels darkness without a sound, they had a fearless exchange of love without any physical expression. Oh yes it was beautiful.

They were living in different cities. So they were on facebook, gmail, watsapp, airtel, reliance, vodafone etc. and all the means was to connect each other, live with each other. Love has a beautiful magnetic chemistry of spending almost all of your time with your lover, whether they talk nonsense, meaningless or even repetitive, or even when they are silent, they would want to be close, they would want to feel the closeness, they would want to feel a sort mental integration of their existence, and that is why it is substantial and even divine, because only here you want to loose yourself.

Slowly guy was evolving like a sun and girl was growing her wings in the sky of their love, very soon they were flying. One day guy says, I want to meet you, I want to see you, I want to just feel all that reality in your eyes without any words, any voice, any mental interpretation, let it be instinct, let it be just being. And yes this is called evolution, the moment you start creating a relationship, you must check two boundary parameters, whether it is an idea, or it is a need. 

Over the time, guy goes through misery because girl never shows courage to meet... and stories decays in time.

In the many other stories, some will pretend to face the reality, some will buy time, some (even after staying in the same city) they will figure out moral stories to hide them self, some will create sequence of event to happen, then they will face, it's all bakwas, a simple lack of courage and proof that it's not love, it's idea of love. Cowards can never be lovers, lovers will show the willingness to jump into even infinity.

An Idea of love is not love, you just get the feeling of love, it is not love, a self delusion created by our mental web. And I have seen many stories where it was not love, it was just an idea of love. Thoughts (and so ideas) carries energy, it has power to change your psychology, it has power to convince, make you feel and even change your perception. But you should be little careful with such relations, its a sheer waste of time. In fact it will take you away from real love, because you'll become little obsessed with idea of love, love will no longer impress you. It's like many alcoholic no longer enjoy the juice. And I have seen intellectuals to trap a lot in such false relations, Do not get addicted to such ideas, cut it, drop it, and trust me you are not going to loose anything. Living in false reality is worst than living in painful reality, because once you accept the pain, you'll start seeking naturally in life that what is that something which is beyond the pain and misery. 

The simple difference between love and idea of love is, Love will have courage, a positvity, a self evolved creativity to take you on higher sky. Idea of love, will have pleasure, a consolation that you are not alone, a companionship of intellectual and emotional communication, but at the close watch, in such pleasure, there will be a lack of contentment, and bingo !!! that is a mental vicious cycle you are getting trapped into, break it, come out of it and move on. As per your quality, you'll be rewarded in time, because thirst can bring the well to you. And trust me, it happens, just keep your umbrella open, sun can fall anytime...

There is a second aspect in love, need based love is also waste of time, will talk about it later. 

Love you all :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Food is not only for body, its for consciousness

Our Earth and Water element of body accepts the physical food, our fire element digests the food which create energy and chemicals for functioning
of body and brain, air element(the mental body) digests that physical energy and create impression and memory and alters the thought and cognitive
process, space element(the chitta) digests all that impression and creates a state which alters our consciousness.

Food is not only what we eat and digest, food reaches to multiple layers, it creates a sequence of event from form to consciousness.

I Love Food :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Food means Self Love

I have seen many faces, expressions and forms of contentment. But trust me Food is one of the finest content one can ever have. Food is not just physically present, taste-worthy, and mood making source of object. Food carries force, energy and consciousness in it. Food alters your body, mind and soul. A food does not only fill your stomach, it makes your brain function, it changes your hormonal equation to make your sad, happy, excited or erotic, it gives you internal emotional satisfaction of self-love. Respect food, show gratitude to it and love the entire process of cooking and eating. It blessing to humanity that we can cook and eat. It's definitely an art, the cooking and the eating.

Let me tell you what I feel for you

Let me tell you what I feel for you. I feel for you is the highest sense of contempt, in fact you are my contempt. Whether I love you or not? Actually speaking it is a silly, irrelevant and redundant question. I want you as anyone want the food, the stimulation as insatiable hunger of life, for exactly the same reason and purpose. And you are someone which ends my search, because you are the search, you are the journey and you are the aim. I need you. And I know you are as vile animal as me. We stand with our clear distinctions in our character, we are great independent beings, but all the freaking greatness is not even 1% exchangeable to our obscenity of talent at the animal sense of pleasure. I want no self-deception about it. It's just about self-satisfaction.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

They break what they need the most

Insight : For a guy, Love is none of these, a fiction, a training algorithm, a financial planning, a family projection. Most of them either do or don't. Those who don't for them also its none of the above and for those who do... you must respect, you must respect the insanity, the imagination and the consecutive evolution of it. But it requires little bit of vision which is usually invisible or non-perceptible, still Love must be worshiped by far, comparing to any other damn thing in your life because that quality is beyond measurement and that possibility of change in you is infinite. But ironically often it is missed and end up in breaking his heart. They break what they need the most. Strange !!!