Thursday, April 30, 2015

Body is an extension of mind

Body is an extension of mind, but only for those who have invented the mind. Mind is only invented through will, it's not something which is a brain. Mind is as of now sub-conscious power, but it has the ability to become conscious power. And watching the body with full conscious mind is an experience of growth, evolution of life. We all are hungry for that power, but we never invent it. In fact psychiatrist have accepted that there is no possibility of something beyond the body and brain, which is an ultimate misery... the loss of very possibility of evolution. Will is the answer and experience that there is something called mind and you'll realize that Body is just an extension of mind.

Understand the darkness

When you try to understand the darkness by closing your eyes, you won't be able to experience it. You'll definitely experience something, but it won't be darkness, it would be perception of incapability to perceive light which is a treason, a falsely... Darkness also exist, it's more like a umbrella cover, if you want to get wet entirely, you've to be naked, you've to really see it, the darkness. You've to experience how the nothingness imbibes you, envelopes you.