Tuesday, December 23, 2014

6 years story of HealthcareMagic from start to end

HealthcareMagic - When I heard this name in Dec 2008, the sound kept on tickling in my mind, I was more than excited to explore the opportunity and there were many reasons for it, like time, situation, destiny, all were falling in place. And I was driving myself choicelessly as it had happened many times in my life, this was going to write another chapter for me, where the subjects were pretty unknown to me but one thing I was carrying with me as my all time weapon, "Nothing is impossible".

Yes, I always wanted to build something which create a change in the system, which create a value in the system and working with Online Doctor 24x7 was a challenging and dream job for me. And I loved it from the core of my soul. I remember those initial months of 2009 and our fire in the belly to build something awesome and our infinite effort to grow it fast was commendable.

I want to thank many people in this journey and I really want to mention all of them. When I was almost naive and I had least of ideas to execute, I was very much thankful to get support from Rajaram and Abhishek Goyal. And in my initial team I must appreciate the effort of Akshat and Radhesh was very significant, miss you buddies.

Slowly we were touching a threshold of engineering effort on, what next? It was asking a big question, a mental catharsis, a psychological identity loss...But I knew that darker the night, I am gonna hit the ray soon, all I had to do is stay awake, stay patient, and It happened we achieved a great jump and I loved those many month hard work, kick-ass effort of my team, One photo of such memory definitely deserve this.

Gaurav, Prashant, Raghu, Shekhar, Rakshit (From left to right)

I am really thankful to all of you crazy guys Shekhar Sahu, Rakshit Begane, Gaurav Srivastava and Raghu Kishore. We should meet sometime for a karoake and booze, he he he :)

And then the 2nd phase came, when we formed a new direction of the team in the more focused style of business with the core effort of Krishnan Ramaswamy, Vikash Agarwal and Ashish Dhali. And I must accept the tremendous dedication created by Krishnan in the team was more than fire, it was high velocity wave, it was a sense of conviction to do it. I really want thank you guys from bottom of my heart to bring knowledge, experience and wisdom in me.

Rahul, Vikash, Krishnan, Ashish, Prashant

Rakshit, Gaurav, Krishnan
In my entire journey of HealthcareMagic there are definitely many more guys who taught me various things and helped me achieve a certain level. I am grateful to all of you people, but I want to do a special mention to my all time mentor Rajaram who has been putting fuel inside me from last 6 years and who has always given me direction to solve my all complex problem, thanks a lot for being with me.

And the final prayer of this story...
May the insanity and technology never dies...
May the love and passion remains in our blood...
May the grace and force be with us.

Ameen !!!

Me, Prashant (Nishal) signing off from HealthcareMagic.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time is actually not linear, its cyclic

Time is actually not linear, its cyclic.
Which means if death is inevitable, life too is inevitable. Means once some one die, its has to take birth again. And may be Nirvana is not freedom from this cycle, Nirvana is just knowing this knowledge from the core of our existence. And yes it quite possible that after knowing this knowledge, we can choose/alter/plan our birth, but it's inescapable to not to choose. Nothing is out of cycle, its natural axiom about the time.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Love Ends

Someone asked me today, If Love is pure and soulful, why does it end?

It's very interesting question, and it really shows the anxiousness to know something which is endless, which is eternal, and in a common understanding we believe that love should be eternal, and it is actually a good sign. Only mistake we do is, we do not ask the more meaningful question, we ask questions which is asked by our our hurt ego, and semi-logical mind(yes ego is not completely logical).

Instead of asking why this relation didn't sustained, why he/she left me, we should ask, that why I am looking for something endless, and what would be that which will be eternal, and what is that waiting for which this story had to get over?  and slowly, you'll start exploring that relation, that love and that state which will sustain longer, and longer. Actually relation is a story and it will end one day, but you'll start knowing that impression never ends, and you'll start knowing that there is really really something which is eternal... it's just a timeless path of infinite expansion like a mathematical sequence, and amazing part is you'll be able to discover the connection if you move to the next state, every dots will be connected, its Adbhut (अद्भुत ) !

Monday, January 20, 2014

Feminity is not abundant in a female

Feminity is not abundant in a female. Feminity is a completeness of the cycle of childhood to motherhood. And in between each step is like a stage and has to be crossed in its pure understanding, rather experience. The contemporary brain of social feminity doesn't want to understand this natural system, may be because it was always considered as second sex (as per Simone), which mutated them to be more individual than a female. But this unseen change is for what reason or purpose, one misery leading to another.  I wish there would be another phase of humanity where no such theory will exist like second sex and Feminity would flourish as omniscient as oxygen.