Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Love Ends

Someone asked me today, If Love is pure and soulful, why does it end?

It's very interesting question, and it really shows the anxiousness to know something which is endless, which is eternal, and in a common understanding we believe that love should be eternal, and it is actually a good sign. Only mistake we do is, we do not ask the more meaningful question, we ask questions which is asked by our our hurt ego, and semi-logical mind(yes ego is not completely logical).

Instead of asking why this relation didn't sustained, why he/she left me, we should ask, that why I am looking for something endless, and what would be that which will be eternal, and what is that waiting for which this story had to get over?  and slowly, you'll start exploring that relation, that love and that state which will sustain longer, and longer. Actually relation is a story and it will end one day, but you'll start knowing that impression never ends, and you'll start knowing that there is really really something which is eternal... it's just a timeless path of infinite expansion like a mathematical sequence, and amazing part is you'll be able to discover the connection if you move to the next state, every dots will be connected, its Adbhut (अद्भुत ) !

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