Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Originality of sex

Pleasure of sex is not in sex, its in imagination of sex. However we believe the activity of matter is the event and the play to be watched is small part of the game. There exist much more greater aspects of the game which is invisible but you can read them and you can use it for perfect pleasure and that is imagination. Imagination exist with all real senses only it is too abstract to formalize in matter, it can only be sensed.

Once lovely morning, you wake up in your bed and there is smell of jasmine coming through your window, you take the full sip of it and get amused that wow God has made great thing called jasmine and nose which gives you such a beautiful experience, but If you think just twice its not the ability of nose to give you such pleasure, its all brain who fires certain neurons sensed by some trigger to give you such kind of pleasure. Its the brain which computes the set activity performed by your body to reach an end result, OK, this is something called scent, and this is something called taste, and all in this entire phenomena what is the thing that's takes a decision of good scent and bad scent, Its not the scent at least, its not the characteristics of scent at all to be good or bad.

Its your collective experience with a slight effect of social perception, and top of that, experience and perception kind of variables also get stored in mind register. Oh yes, everything that exists is computational and whatever is computational
is been done by processor called mind.

Pleasure the very word that also need to be understood before we understand pleasure of sex. Pleasure is not materialistic, pleasure is not ethereal, pleasure is something in between, Pleasure is the connection of the randomness to stability, Pleasure is the state of evaporation, its the moment which is the search of entire planet across the civilization and time. Pleasure is the 14th smell, pleasure is the 8th version of sex, pleasure is the 2nd layer of touch. Pleasure is not organic nor spatial.

Pleasure is only made of time and consciousness. The measurement of pleasure is been done by consciousness over the time, what exist for a moment is been called as physical(though it is not), and which last longer is state of mind and which last forever is stable annihilation of mind to cosmos may be some freak call it enlightenment.

Pleasure of the sex begins in mind might ends at different level. I think that is why in the game of sex foreplay and after-play are more important aspects than actual intercourse. Lets look at it this way, Suppose you have a partner who look very erotic by physical attributes but when you actually get into with him/her you might find that its not satisfactory, why?, It's because there was no mind involved in sex. When you begins with your partner your mind starts speaking, and the your partner starts reading it and replies back to your mind including some kind of physical expression(though it works only as a catalyst), then the pleasure starts, then there a perfect communication between two mind on the level of imagination and you starts feeling like
body is becoming inhibitor for that union, because when mind starts the phenomena of becoming one, body act as a physical resource to exchange the waves and that is the ultimate sickness of humanity, Union, and that is why we want to dissolve our self into other so that only mind remain, so that resonance can be achieved by perfect union. You can keep on changing the catalyst but you'll never achieve the union, because you are unaware of mechanism, catalyst is not the solution, solution is to understand the nature of mind, and the usability of mind and that can be done by imagination.

Imagination is so real that it can alter the state of real mind, use it.


Shekhar Sahu said...

Excellent article :)

seema said...

VERY nicely put ...!
"we think in secret,nd it cmes to pass-
our world is but our looking glass.!!"
i agree with u nishal,nd union is exhilarating..i wish all being to rise and realize the beauty of it..