Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liberty, Independence and Freedom

Liberty is the beginning of this journey, and Liberty is completely socio-political word, liberty is a political philosophy that ensures that individual can think, act and justify his/her own will. This create a different class of social system by controlling the three different parameters, few examples are like Anarchism, Liberalism and Democratism, etc. I think our ancestors have thought enough about this and pushed us to another level that is called Independence.

Now what is independence? Independence is not only social, yes it has a sense of political projection as well, but not complete, i think this very word got evolved at the time of American War of Independence(1775-1783), and the roots of this war was not only intended for political liberty, this was a kind of revolution in the mind that shaken the entire Americans at their thinking pattern that something happened enough wrong, now the time of chaos and let it happen, its the time, nature moves with random velocity and something it create and something it destroy, I am no body I am just part of this natural process, my life is not personal it is meant for a certain process and I bow down to that, I surrender to the sky which will decide the consequence and destiny, but I am fearless. And that is what exactly had been shot in Movie "Rang De Basanti" as well, there are two kinds of people, one who goes to the death crying and other who goes silent, then he saw Bhagat Singh and said there is third kind, that is acquiring independence. That third kind of fearless eyes, that revolution in the mind of individual is called independence and that is the very word been intended by our great R.N.Tagore also.

"Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls, Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit, Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake"

He was speaking not at all about Liberty, it was said in the time of independence so people might interprets that this is about independence, but he used a new word that is Freedom and I think that is ultimate. If we believe that freedom is a social attribute that is a basic right of every human on the earth and this right allows him/her to do whatever he/she wants, then there are two major questions? One is why do we need to have a social system; if everyone is suppose to have freedom then society cannot be formed. And the other is, Are we really really willing to be have freedom? As i see every religion and leader's purpose is to regulate the society must discard to pass the entire access of freedom, because either people are not willing to have it or not having ability to hold it. People lives in pattern, because pattern is predictable and freedom is chaotic, freedom has no prediction except "I exist", that too not in term of matter. Freedom is dangerous, freedom kill our reflections, image and shadow because freedom reveals the reality, freedom creates uncontrollable chaos, unrecognized connection of thought to thoughtless and that is where fear goes away and that is what R.N.Tagore was saying.

I think we have been sleeping every year on independence day, lets recall the meaning
lets regain the knowledge that we have enough been independent, lets acquire the freedom now.

Freedom is completely individual phenomena, and it is higher state of integrity. Integrity drives the decision by certain rules and theories in every situation and time, but there remains a sense of personal judgment which is been projected in multiple ways to multiple people, and some might seems like bad but still someone does that, that is a pride of integrity, but freedom is a state of no body and complete surrender there is no need of any theory, and what someone act in freedom is complete and creative, it is fearless, because someone is not acting, someone is the part of the natural process and onward and only Creation acts, might be someone named it God. It is finest and final act of the form and serving the purpose of the form, and nobody knows the purpose but at least this much is known that there is need not to know it, because even knowledge acquires freedom at that state and becomes wisdom.

Even a will to have freedom is a chance, let the independence day create a reason for that will.

Happy Independence Day.
May we have the Freedom.

Amen !!!!!!!!!!!


Abhishek said...

Great one !!
For me freedom means "the right to choose". our religion, our friends, life partners, place, job, Neighbourhood.

and i really feel proud that i m citizen of a Free country.

but the big question is... is freedom freely available to all citizens in our country ?????

if not, why not ??
what need to be done.. what is my contribution to it ??

Nishal said...

What I can speculate the meaning of your understanding is just Liberty or might be little bit independence. Liberty provides the access to choose the physical and mental system where we want to live or we want to create in our living system.

But the bigger question you have asked is pretty simple. Freedom is not like air that you choose by availability, in fact the very word Freedom is not appropriate at here, You should say Rights or Independence, then yes.... "Right" is not a commodity that you can avail it, it takes birth in the mind of every individual of nation and then the acquired independence will have very high index of "Right", but if we have missed the basic meaning of "Right" that need to be understood and accordingly act as a nation individual, then there is no point in shouting we acquired Independence.

No body will give you Independence, it can only be acquired. You asking ahead question like why it is not available, I ask you more basic question is are we willing to acquire the independence? That is the basic question, are we capable enough of holding the freedom, it is dangerous and trust me, the moment you become capable of holding it, you start fighting for it, otherwise you wont fight also and once fight has begun, you'll have it, only time can be short or long.

Will to have independence is your evolution but the Will to have freedom is a wisdom.