Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What is Nishal………?

It seems like a word, but when you spell, it’s is a vibration…

Nishal that which is beyond shape and size, which has topological shape, which can not be measured by Euclidean distance, which has no Kaya, no body, formless manifestation of the creation is Nishal.

Nishal is very adjective of every human mind that believes in other spaces existence than we know only as Andromeda, Milky way etc. When you see the body it is form of Nishal, when see beyond the body it is formless Nishal, Nishal is something which is uncountable, unmeasurable, undefined, still I am trying to define it, because it is our human instinct to express the unknown by using our intelligence and ability.

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seema said...

leave something to b explored /experienced rather thn define..defining a 'limit'too is futile isnt it??:-)