Saturday, July 11, 2009

Creating Lamps

Every lamp has got two purpose first one is to create the mystery and second is to solve the mystery. These two purpose are not sequential not random they are decision of evolution. Yes we might find out some pattern in these two purposes but its better not to find the relation of the purpose, better to find the instinct of the purpose, that some are interested in creating light lamp and some in creating dark lamp. Be careful lamps are not to create light always they are intended to create darkness as well, that is why we love the night and we love to taste the entity of no face but to have the actual essence in it, which has no connection with form or face it exist with the an invisible existence.

Creating Lamps, the finest time where we can dissolve our limitation of touch and taste. Yes I know its my passion to work on lamp, i am able to smell the creative flow in creating it and this is not something personal this is having a connection with basic instinct of humans. And I am not trying to create any concept, but yes I am trying to do an experimentation it might gives lot of appetite and yes it gives me immense amount of satisfaction.

There are two kind of natural time state that usually humans are obsessed with, one is morning and other one is evening, and these two states are symbolic mapping of two type of lamps, one is Light lamp and Other id dark lamp. If you are really in this instantaneous time you can smell what I am gonna write the next, you might hold for a second and have a deep breath. Ok, now I am gonna tell you the purpose behind both.

The basic characteristics that both inherits is to create the creation in a very small potentiality,Not by the theory of evolution but by the breed of the super knowledge it is always been said that every entity of the universe if made of universe and every one either want to become the process of creation to want to become the creator. Now that sense of being creator is been projected in a subtle way at here to create the lamps. We live in multi folded space around us but what we observe the space, lets call it a wall which is directly a mapping of sky or space and floor is Earth and now we are missing something like starts, galaxy, sun, moon kind of object which can regulate the supply of energy to change the state of time, and that we might like to call a morning or an evening. It is not only what I am talking about is natural system this is close analogous of mind as well. Lets assume we are living years and years in dark night and we might get equipped with the system as well, but the one who is creative will must think of creating a Light lamp, will try his/her best to crack the dawn. Enuff is enuff, now either I'll die or I'll bring the sun and ultimately either that person or his descendants are able to create the light lamp, years passes and now the person is living the light, playing colors, music and dance with the light, we produce multiple class of creatures and have different kind of fun but there is state of time when we say enuff is enuff, now I wish for nothing, the wish to drink the void, the wish to acquire the freedom and silence, is it it very different than creating a dark lamp?

The connection of creating lamp is to create the creation.

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Abhishek said...

good one !! never thought a lamp will have so much hidden besides its shades and glow....