Saturday, August 07, 2010

What is Psych?

I know there had been time when I used to think that freedom is nothing but concentrated experiment on mind to cross the multiple blocking and biases, because I had started achieving it.

Humans are made up of multiple bodies, what we see as a body exist has a time scope of only one span of life, there are bodies which exist over centuries, N-lives, in fact there is no such unit to measure it, those are called psych. Psych is meta-existential form of desire, desire is too abstract. Every desire can be projected in a certain body, body need not be physical, those are called psychic bodies. Desire is abstraction of existence in physical form and Psych is generalization of all such existence. If there is no desire there won't be any body not even physical, its not a question to find out why not, because physical body has got no purpose, purpose lies in psychic body.

Psych is like meta information about a body, thats why I call that also as a body because every meta object also possesses the abstract properties of an object. Every physical evolution of a physical body is not just by a biological process, there is a deep psych envolved in it, and every creation of psych tends you to change the physical format. That is why you if you notice that someone who is having desire to become a dancer, his body will start changing, because physical body follows what psychic body says, we live in psych, we die in psych, flesh is mundane tool to feel the psych, we get the pleasure out of it. And when body dies, psych is so intelligent that it starts looking a new body to satisfy the remaining thirst or demand of it.

There are cetain rules in the field of psych as well, psych can interact with a psych just like a field. Every psych has got certain artifact in it, which can closely called as vibration, and every vibration has got certain natural characteristics in it(most close matching is charge). Most dramatic part is psych also works almost same as laws of attraction, so there exist greed, jelousy, anger and ego. Ego is acquiring potential which is most critical to act and decide in this field. Anger is uncontrolled collision, ego can control it, but never leaves it, it will plan to destroy who is causing the damage to your psych. Ego is very intelligent, ego has got mind a very memory and computation abilities, ego has got huge amount of prediction and judgement capability to plan and act.

Jelousy/Greed is emptiness of either exact psych or ego. Both are lazy factor of ego but ego acts to survives all the psych, to survive psych ego tries to preserve the body as well, because body will finally be used to achieve any such artifact. But miracle part is even if body dies, artifact remains, vibration remains and it continues with the next body, and ego is so powerful that it will survives till all the other psych dies and ultimate freedom is dealth of ego. Actually its not called dealth because ego never ever dies, it's nature gets changed to vibrate in coherence with cosmos, that is called eternity.

Let the psych speak in silence further........

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