Sunday, February 10, 2013

Possessiveness is an art

Possessiveness is an art. Everything which requires the sense of balance is an art. Possessiveness is about balancing the hold and release of a relation, its about balancing the relational joy and misery, its about balancing self stimulation and self decay, It's an art of journey from indulgence to austerity.

Yes its very meaningful to fall in love, become possessive, but that's the beginning of the story only which is always beautiful and after certain point of time we do suffer the pain out of this possessiveness, and we start feeling that love is vanishing. No, Its like the other chapter of possessiveness is not been learnt, that is dissolving the self. When you start dissolving yourself and you let your lover fly in the sky, love start taking the fresh breath and it will never die, it will only bring new layers and perspectives, and its really amazing to evolve the Love. Possessiveness gives you surface to evolve yourself and your lover both via simple natural process of love.

Possessiveness is an art of observing the point of self and no-self.

Wish you all to fall in love, become possessive and then release the self into infinity.

Love. Nishal.