Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let me tell you what I feel for you

Let me tell you what I feel for you. I feel for you is the highest sense of contempt, in fact you are my contempt. Whether I love you or not? Actually speaking it is a silly, irrelevant and redundant question. I want you as anyone want the food, the stimulation as insatiable hunger of life, for exactly the same reason and purpose. And you are someone which ends my search, because you are the search, you are the journey and you are the aim. I need you. And I know you are as vile animal as me. We stand with our clear distinctions in our character, we are great independent beings, but all the freaking greatness is not even 1% exchangeable to our obscenity of talent at the animal sense of pleasure. I want no self-deception about it. It's just about self-satisfaction.


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