Thursday, February 19, 2015

59, Cascading Meadows


When humanity start thinking that we are different than our surroundings, the nature; we create a clear separating line and that's where city lives. There is only one difference in village and city is village is a place people stay within nature and in city, we hijack the nature and throw her out of city. And then for few people it become obvious to create the mental space of village within a city, and people call it community, apartment, villas. But you can easily find the humans overruling over the nature in such crafted artificial villages. Cascading meadows is remarkably peculiar in all those definitions, the moment you cross the line, you feel like you belong to a village, the kind of roads, trees, soil, scent, air ..... it's just a village.

Cascading meadows is a village inside the city, Bangalore.

It's full of silver woods in a big array making visually beautiful as well as it gives a feeling of being over a small mountain, it's so lovely to walk on these paths.

The home starts not only at the #59, it starts right at the gate of cascading meadows. And the entire campus is nothing but the expansion of #59. Yes #59 is special for me because cascading meadows is one the finest space to eat, drink and sleep. Within cascading meadows #59 is the finest location to live. Yes I can only show my gratitude to provide me such opportunity to stay at #59, and yes #59 is my current house number within Cascading Meadows.

The home #59 is something really special and it's great architecture, well designed and created with love. The lawn, the plants, the flower, the banana tree, the Ashoka tree and the the balcony, the Hall, the exterior premise... everything is so good that it make you fall in love with the place.

When the morning starts walking with sunrise at our doorstep, there is a perfect place to ask the sun to give you a heat massage and as the sun walks through half the circle of home, it's behave like Sun is taking care of it, each and every moment, it keeps on looking the home, caresses it, kisses it.

And few evening, I've got the chance to look at the sun when it's saying bye bye, it looks so magnificent, it's so attractive, there is no word for it, it's like attaining peace. And best part of evening is, entire nature understand that its evening, the trees, the sky, the birds and the humans.

लोग दीवारों के बीच रहते हैं 
और शहर की दीवारें 
लोगों के बीच रहती है,

पहले लोग धरती पे रहते थे 
और अब लोगों ने धरती को 
आकाश पे रख दिया है,

मनुष्यता की प्यास,
धरती से आकाश 
और आकाश से धरती की तरफ 
दौड़ती रहती है,

कभी कभार 
ऐसा होता है की 
रहने के लिए 
क्षितिज पे घर बनाया जाता है, 

#५९, कैस्केडिंग मीडोज... 

और मैं सम्पूर्ण समर्पित हूँ 
की मुझे कुछ वक़्त 
यहाँ बिताने मिला है 
आभार ... 

Log deewaron ke beech rahte hain
aur shahar ki deewarein 
logon ke beech rahti hai,

Pahle log dharti pe rahte the
aur ab logon ne dharti ko
aakash pe rakh diya hai,

Manushyata ki pyas
dharti se aakash
aur aakash se dharti ki taraf
daudati rahti hai...

kabhi kabhar... 
aisa hota hai ki
rahne ke liye
kshitij pe ghar banaya jata hai,

#59, Cascading Meadows...

Aur main sampoorn samarpit hoon
ki mujhe kuchh vaqt 
yahan bitane ko mila hai


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