Sunday, October 11, 2015

Visiting the self

It happens very very rare that we visit ourself, isn't it? Over a long journey of my self, I was always driving via choice-less-ness and I was not the decision maker, I was only following what I felt to do. When I was going through initial transition of my existence in the year of 1997, I was hungry for knowing myself, I was mad about self realization and enlightenment, and having that kind of burring desire paid a little, in my college time during 2001 to 2004, I have gone through experiences I had only imagined and read, and it was amazing and beautiful, but I was still empty. It was like thirst was thirsty, hunger was hungry, ocean was dry, more I explored, more madness I was getting.. and then something turned off. Today I am keen on building a company/business, I feel to realize the freedom, I must go through the attainment of it and I am sure that I will be able to realize that this is not what I wanted and my entire logic system would reset back and my path would re-instantiate.

But 100 degree Celsius is not the only reason to boil the water, water boils at each and every degree of change but it doesn't communicate, it manifest only at 100 degree. And every degree of change has exactly same importance as of 100 degree. Going through a masterpiece"If Truth Be Told, A Monk's Memoir", gifted by one of the mysterious person in my life "Naren", is another degree of change and this is transcendental, thanks a lot Naren for returning my mirror, which I had sort of lost in my way of foolishness, but now I'll try my best to keep the equilibrium.

Life is never a goal, it's just a journey... and our journey is from puppet to observer.

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seema said...

thanks to that mysterious soul who pulled u bck <3