Friday, June 17, 2016

Mother and Daughter

The moment I look into your eyes... It gives me a journey, the journey of your childhood, the entire traversal of your life from childhood to being a grand-mom.

It's amazing and incomparable to see the entire life cycle in a single go. I am sure you'd have been the same way your grand daughter is, the way we all grow in our childhood, chirping,
dynamism, dreams, questions, surprises, magically looking at almost everything; is all we define as childhood. I am sure you've seen your childhood in a very similar way, the land was a village,
the sea was river (punchanve), and the ground was a vast field. I don't even know when "17 no." and the cold storage was setup and when the durga puja at "chhilka par" was started...but I am sure you would have seen the their conception, growth and pride in time. The best part of staying a small place is, your observation of time grows because space doesn't changes a lot, you tend to observe the minor changes also, but cities are so big that you can't remember that much of change, the village always carries such changes in form of stories, same as your's, same as my daughter will have.

When I see the future of Sanvi in you and childhood of your in Sanvi... I get mesmerized, I miss you and I wanna kiss your cheeks as I do to Sanvi and I want to tell you that once I was your baby and now you are my baby, the companionship of growing together gives us this knowledge that life is cyclic.

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